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Recommended if you meet a skunk in the woods. One who supplies the young physicians with that with which the old physicians have supplied the undertaker. However, we know how to save you from sleepless nights and annoying writing process.

A vehicle that has empty seats when going in the opposite direction; 2. The policy of feeding your friends to a crocodile, one at a time, in hopes that the crocodile will eat you last.

The proof that things are not as bad as they are painted to be; 2. The climatic moment when you take the first sip at the end of the day. A fund-raiser for an orchestra.

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When one loves not wisely, but too well; 4. The original bone of contention. When you polish your skills day after day, week after week, month after month and so on, you reach the level of mastery others can only dream about.

An instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera; 2.

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The method some women use for taking the drudgery out of housework; An award given to those who do not exercise.

A garment worn as a support for the buttocks. A man being sued for divorce. One who is interesting to a point - the point of departure; Those people were begging: An issue of plagiarism is an important thing.

These mechanisms include such concepts as natural selection, genetic driftsexual selection, neutral evolution, and theories of speciation. A man who keeps two himself; 3. A primitive adhesive used extensively and successfully by brides to prevent loss of their wedding bands.

A selfish, inconsiderate rat who is depriving some deserving woman of her rightful alimony; They've learned to realize that whether they like a theory or they don't like a theory is not the essential question.

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The amount of data that can travel through a circuit expressed in bits per second; In high school: The upper levels of management where big, impractical and counter-productive decisions are made; 2.

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Marilyn Merlot,wacky dictionary,not found in Webster’s,wacky words,office motivation,workplace humour,workplace language,office jargon.

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Book essay typer
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29+ Evidences for Macroevolution: The Scientific Case for Common Descent