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Remove the pastor, and Protestantism as we know it would die. It is very shallow to say, further, "If every Christian on the planet would never call a building a church again, this alone would create a revolution in our faith. Even so the problem remains within, not without.

Viola blames Constantine for starting church buildings. This was the first published book by author Frank Viola and it still sells well till this day. The things we hold dear-sacred buildings to meet in, pulpits, sacramental tables, clergy, liturgies, etc.

Presently, he lives in Florida. His mission is to help serious followers of Jesus know their Lord more deeply so they can experience real transformation and make a lasting impact. Never do you find first century Christians tithing in the New Testament [after Calvary ].

But they amazingly seem to completely miss the real point of that verse. As was expected, Pagan Christianity set off a firestorm of misrepresentations, personal attacks, and misguided critiques, all in an effort to discredit the book and persuade people to never crack it open.

Jon Zens even weighed into the discussion, debating with Ben Witherington. But in the light of tradition we need to sort out those cultural influences that contribute to the integrity of Christian worship from those that detract from it.

For Viola to describe himself and others as "daring" just because, e. It also broadly tells us to worship God together by prayer, singing, teaching, giving and sharing.

I go further and point out that the text does not say that Abraham gave voluntarily because he most likely was expected to obey a well-known custom of tithing spoils of war to his local priest king.

He plans to release a new discipleship course every year. To those I would ask if they demand the same "qualifications" when reading the writings of the apostle Paul or the disciples.

Elders in the first century were not salaried. Even though I dislike singing and music, that means without question that we should reserve music and singing mainly for those who have gifts in that area.

If you are unwilling to have your Christianity seriously examined, do not read beyond this page. Some even require the tithe for membership.

Prophets and priests spoke extemporaneously and out of a present burden, rather than from a set script.

Rethinking Women in Ministry

The authors condemn modern liturgies orders of service as having pagan roots. Discipleship should be an apprentice-ship, not just filling the head with information.

Organic churches are characterized by Spirit-led, open-participatory meetings and nonhierarchical leadership.

Book Review: Pagan Christianity

From here he repeatedly criticizes the concept of a "sacred building. For example, the steeple "contradicts the message of the New Testament. Dressing up for church is a leftover from paganism and hypocritical for Christians. Though most who criticized it never read it.

I also understand that the way we as Christians operate is in fact influenced by our culture and that there is nothing wrong with that to a certain degree. Those who have never experienced His tangible presence as a regular occurrence when they meet will find it hard to believe that there is something more than what they know: Like dressing up for church.

The Bible does, indeed, need to be read as a narrative, and not merely as a list of selective verses. Like everybody else, Viola and Barna conclude that all Israel was guilty of robbing God.

How can the brothers and sisters learn from one another if they are prevented from speaking in the meetings. Actually, people were supposed to learn in silence -- interruptions were only made as honor challenges. Pagan Christianity will give ammunition to those who already dislike the churches they have encountered.

They are also Christians who are tired of the infighting, vitriol, and uncivil discord over theological differences and personality conflicts. In his free time, Frank enjoys traveling, exotic cuisines, guitar, film and music, baseball, and reading.

In the video, the book gets excoriated and ripped to pieces by outraged religious people. Frank Viola's "Pagan Christianity" This book's appeal, sadly, is that it panders incessantly to the need many people feel to blame someone else for their own deficits.

Let's sum this up with a few questions, then proceed to a chapter by chapter critique. Frank Viola and George Barna come to the startling conclusion that most of what Christians do in church is rooted more in pagan culture than in the New holidaysanantonio.comer how many church customs really originated.

Pagan Christianity! Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices. By PAGAN CHRISTIANITY by house church guru Frank Viola /5(). Frank Viola is a best-selling author, A-list blogger, speaker, and consultant to authors and writers. His mission is to help serious followers of Jesus know their Lord more deeply so they can experience real transformation and make a lasting impact.

If you read Pagan Christianity, please read the sequels so you get the entire argument. The spoof video which poked fun at the majority of critiques of the book is still being watched and shared on YouTube. In the video, the book gets excoriated and ripped to pieces by outraged religious people.

Frank Viola is a best-selling author, A-list. Review of Pagan Christianity, Frank Viola and George Barna. Review by Russell Earl Kelly, PHD. August 5, The material in the book is not new.

I want to highlight and highly commend to the readers of this blog the classic book, Pagan Christianity? by Frank Viola and George Barna.

10 Years After Pagan Christianity – Looking Back

In this work, the authors trace back to their roots most of the major modern-day practices that define the Protestant/Evangelical "church". It is a history that we must know if we.

Pagan christianity by frank viola essay
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Pagan Christianity?: Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices by Frank Viola