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Both Lincoln and Davis had good reason for their distrust of Douglas. And sixth, given that Douglas attempted to extend the Missouri Compromise line west in order to preserve the Union during the secession crisis, historians would have to define antislavery to include men whose Unionism effectively effaced their antislavery values.

University of Illinois Press, ; reprint, Although some historians have claimed that not much separated the two candidates on slavery, in fact Lincoln opposed slavery for all of the reasons listed above excepting probably its sinfulness, while Douglas opposed slavery, if he did at all, only due to its economic consequences, and even on this subject his beliefs were not unambiguous.

Thus the legislative election became a proxy for the Senate election, with both parties emphasizing their Senate candidates above all other issues. His body was laid to rest in a temporary tomb overlooking Lake Michigan, on the Oakenwald property that he had selected for his Chicago residence.

McConnell, "Recollections of Stephen A. In contrast to his fellow northerners, Douglas possessed a "ledger outlook" toward slavery, much like slaveholders: Nebraska Territory, west of Missouriwas then being settled, and Congress needed to provide territorial organization for the region.

Subseries 1, Autobiography, contain a single item, an autobiographical manuscript by Douglas. Cambridge University Press,— McHatton of Baton Rouge, moved the agricultural operation to a 2,acre property south of Greenville, Mississippi. One could be antislavery in the abstract, possessing what might be called antislavery sentiment, for a wide variety of not necessarily congruent reasons.

Because of his little stature. He created distance by hiring a manager to operate the plantation, while using his allocated 20 percent of the income to advance his political career. After the death of his daughter in earlyDouglas went on a five-month-long tour of Europe. Congress used nonintervention policy as an alternative to the antislavery Northwest Ordinance when organizing territories south of the Ohio River and later Louisiana Territory.

Lemen wrote that "Douglas told me that, like Jefferson, he believed slavery to be an evil, but that as long as the Constitution allowed it, he thought that people in our territories who wished it, should exercise the privilege.

Consider the various reasons for antebellum northerners to resist or ignore antislavery activism. Barton Collection of Lincolniana Douglas Family.

When Buchanan supported the Lecompton Constitution and the pro-slavery position on Kansas, Douglas fought him in a long battle that gained Douglas the Democratic nomination but ripped his party apart.

After several such incidents, Douglas agreed to seven formal joint appearances, now known as the Lincoln-Douglas Debates. Antislavery objectives were, at best, distinctly secondary concerns to him, which was logical for an advocate of a policy designed to permit both slavery and freedom the chance to take root in federal territories.

Through a congressional colleague, Douglas met Martha Denny Martinthe daughter of a wealthy North Carolina planter and a member of a family long prominent in North Carolina political affairs.

Both ideas discouraged adherents from participation in antislavery politics, which seemed unnecessary at best and politically dangerous at worst.

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Douglas declined the gift, but after Martin died a year later, the Pearl River plantation was bequeathed to Martha and any children she might have. One was for a southern route, from New Orleans ; another was for a central route, from Chicago.

Inat the age of twenty-seven, he was elected to a seat on the Illinois Supreme Court. Breckinridge himself did not openly support secession, but he received the support of Fire-Eaters like Jefferson Davis.

There is the difference between Judge Douglas and his friends and the Republican Party. In Allan Nevins published the second volume of Ordeal of the Union, which included his scathing indictment of Stephen A.

He denied that he ever personally owned these slaves, for they belonged to his wife and his children. His support was concentrated in the North, especially the Midwest, though some unionist Southerners like Alexander H.

Douglas declined the slave property because it would have been a political liability, and he also expressed reservations about his ability to manage slave property.

Stephen A. Douglas

The support for Douglas in the North came from Irish Catholics and poorer farmers; in the South, Irish Catholics were his main supporters. Stephan Arnold Douglas Stephan Arnold Douglas was born April 23, and died June 3, He became a lawyer a month before turning Within a year he was elected district attorney and became a judge of the.

Stephen Arnold Douglas was born in Brandon. Vermont in He left New England at the age of and moved to Illinois. He was an of import factor in making the Illinois sector of the Democratic Party. He became progressively popular with southern husbandmans who had migrated north.

He used his enthusiastic working ethic. The Stephen A.

Guide to the Stephen A. Douglas Papers 1764-1908

Douglas papers document his professional and personal life from The collection includes correspondence, speeches, reports, memoranda, notes, financial and legal documents, portraits, maps, ephemera, newspaper clippings, and.

Stephen A Douglas Essay Examples. 9 total results. An Analysis of the Legislative Scheme of Senator Stephen A Douglas of Illinois 2 pages. A Comparison of Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln.

words. 1 page. A Biography of Stephen A. Douglas an American Politician. words. 1 page. An Overview of the Illinois'. McConnel to Stephen A. Douglas, June 30,Box 1, Folder 9, Stephen Douglas Papers, University of Chicago. Ibid., Most historians who consider Douglas to be antislavery have accepted McConnel's account without explanation, so their rationale for doing so cannot be known.

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